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Nigga club in trouble for ‘light-skinned’ promotion

A black club in Detroit with a recent club promotion to allow ‘all-night free admission to black women with fair or light skin’ is apparently coming under fire from the communities more ethnically colored peoples and from organizations around the country.

CNN reported:

Ulysses Barnes, who goes by the name DJ Lish, says he canceled his “Light Skinned Women & ALL LIBRA’s” promotion after complaints rolled in from women, activists and organizations across the country.

“I thought it was a brilliant promotion at the time,” said Barnes, who has spent the last several days apologizing to people. “I didn’t anticipate any type of feedback. It was just a party thing.”

Barnes, 27, canceled future “sexy chocolate” and “sexy caramel” promotions and just wants the controversy to go away.

Does anyone think that Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton will show up demanding that Ulysses attend sensitivity training?  No?  Why not?  (All together now)

Because he’s black.