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Hate Crimes In U.S. Up By 8%. But who be hatin’ who?

CNN recently had a big stinky story about how “hate crimes” went up by 8% last year.

Included in the story were reminders of how evil whitey is and quotes from black leaders to tell us how we’ve gone wrong.

 Well fuck them all.

Here are a few numbers listed in the story, then a few numbers from the CIA World Factbook.

 First from the CNN story:

Of the 7,330 offenders identified by police:

58.6 percent were white

20.6 percent were black

Now from the CIA World Factbook:

Ethnic make-up of The United States by percentages:

81.7 percent of the population is white

12.9 percent of the population is black

So 12.9% of the population committed 20.6% of “hate crimes” and 81.7% of the population committed 58.6%…

Now for the purpose of this posting, i’m going to forego asking why DJ Sambo be hatin’ so much.

My query is about why, when blacks commit more hate crimes per capita than whites, does the story spend so much time telling whites to love their black neighbor?