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Dateline Connecticut: 80 Kings in the Hole

Connecticut authorities arrested more than 80 top-level members of the Hispanic street gang “The Latin Kings” in connection with a long-term drug investigation.

“Operation: Royal Flush” was the largest sweep in Waterbury’s history. Beginning in January, it involved 250 officers from multiple departments. Since that time, undercover agents from the BATF and Waterbury police officers bought 33 guns from illegal gun dealers, the majority of which were semi-automatic guns.

A few of the 80 dethroned kings

80-Plus People Arrested In Drug Raid


Violent Felon Drug-Dealer Wants Bail, Judge Considers It

He is an admitted drug dealer.

He is a felon with convictions that include cocaine possession.

He has used at least three different false identities when dealing with law enforcement.

He has failed to appear for criminal court proceedings.


He was caught trying to buy illegal, fully-automatic rifles with silencers.

Now he wants bail.

Will he get it? There is a good possibility. Why? Because he is a rapper.

If he was white, his story would have been plastered across the front page of every newspaper in the country. The terms “neo-nazi”, and “right wing fanatic” would have been used at every turn.

Columbine would have been mentioned, along with repeated references to the National Alliance and David Duke.

But he is black.

Remember why he was arrested when you see what CNN reported the judge as saying:

“The judge told the packed courtroom he wanted to “consider the entire package” and wants to make sure Harris is neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community.”

You must be fucking kidding me.