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ICC to charge African slaver/cannibal

In yet another example of the brutality and animalistic behavior that seems to be ingrained into Africans, allegations of sexual-slavery and cannibalism have been made against Germain Katanga, aka ‘Simba’ the former leader of FRPI in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is supposed to be facing three charges of crimes against humanity and six war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

An al Jazeera story reports,

Women and girls were raped and forced into sexual slavery while child fighters forcibly enlisted from the looted village, according to evidence presented to the court.

Witnesses have accused ethnic Lendu fighters in Katanga’s militia of eating the still-warm hearts and livers of those killed.”

Of course I revel in seeing these types strung up, but it really won’t make a difference in the lives of Congolese people. Give the country a couple of years and they will have someone just as bad or worse doing the same thing again.

C’est la vie en afrique.


Take my farm… please!

When the white Zimbabweans owned the countries farms, the country fed most of sub-saharan Africa. Then in 2000, President Robert Mugabe decided it wasn’t fair that the evil whites were doing so well. So he had the “government” seize the white farms and  give them to the nations blacks.

“Gee. I wonder what happened?”

I’ll tell you what happened.

◊ The incompetent black Zimbabweans produced jack-shit.
◊ The countries economy is the worst peace-time economy in the world.
◊ Inflation is right around 25,000%.
◊ Unemployment touched 80% several months ago.
◊ Citizens are pouring out of the country as fast as they can.

Here’s a link to a CNN story about their latest fuck-up

Is Africa competent to self-rule?

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe Africans should be allowed to self-govern. The leaders they choose (and the leaders who choose themselves) make a shit-hole out of every corrupt venture they put their filthy paws into. And when the 1% who are not corrupt (or warlords, or fucking psychos) tries to do something benevolent, it turns out even worse.

The natural resources of Africa are mind-boggling in both variety and quantity, but (in the few places where they are exploited) they are almost solely used to fund despots, wars and warlords.
Their arable soil is among the most fertile on the planet, but their childrens bellies are swollen from starvation.

Billions of dollars in gifts and grants are showered upon them every year; it’s wasted through inefficiency or pocketed by corrupt officials.
Factories and pipelines built by foreign investors offer jobs and infrastructure; they are burned or bombed by local separatist militias or religious fanatics. 

Ugandans slaughtering Indians. Hutus butchering Tutus. Muslim, Christian, and Animist carnage visited upon each other on a daily basis.

Muslim leaders forbidding Polio vaccines (because that’s how the West makes them impotent), Christian leaders speaking out against condoms and HIV retrovirals (because European countries have tainted them with AIDS).

I have always thought that I was against colonialism. I always believed that a people had an inherent right to self-rule.
As of late, Africa (and a few countries outside of Africa) has forced me to re-evaluate my position.

Cradle of Humanity? Not by my definition of the word.
Horror Show? Yeah. I can buy into that description.

I think it’s just about time for a new round of campaigns of African conquest.
We owe them that much.

Somalia can’t feed itself, and its “government” hinders aid

In the latest example of African mismanagement and incompetence, the impotent Bush-backed “government” of Somalia has arrested a U.N. food agency officer. In response, the World Food Program immediately suspended all aid distribution in the capital city of  Mogadishu.

The Interior Minister, Mohamed Mohamoud Guled, claims that the WFP distributed food aid last month without consulting the government, but stopped short of attributing the arrest to this.

The whole fucking country is starving to death, civil war is the rule of law, joblessness is the norm, and poverty is epidemic. So how do these animals help their people? By depriving them of the food they cannot seem to produce for themselves.

Here’s a link to the CNN story.