about whytnblak

This is my blog about race, racism, ethnocentricity, color, creed, nationality, and other issues that concern race.

I will try to update as often as I can, but job duties insist that I sometimes be away from a computer (and electricity, running water, roads, etc.)

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you don’t, I see at least 2 options:

1. Stay and read anyway.

2. Go fuck yourself.


2 responses to “about whytnblak

  1. barry owens

    I have been trying to get thru for a comment so far, it has not been accepted.about the mugabe criminal.I’ll try again.THANKS…..

  2. Hey Barry,
    Don’t know if you are still around but I have been doing my own research since the recent Trayvon Martin case. Poverty, assault, rape, murder, robbery, high school drop out rates, HIV AIDES infection, welfare dependency, lower IQ ratios, illiteracy, life expectancy, and illegitimate births are many multiples higher among blacks than whites. Frighteningly higher. Statistics are roughly the same for Hispanics who, of course, are growing as a portion of the population six times as fast as the non-hispanic white population. Within two generations the complete collapse of our country seems inevitable. We whistle self-absorbed past the graveyard and move inexorably along.

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