U.S. Border Patrol Agent Caught with Smoking Crack Pipe


We’ve got black crack-head Border Patrol agents trying to catch illegal aliens who the government wants to keep here!


Local10.com reports that Fort Lauderdale police arrested Willie Cooper, 53, of Plantation, Fl. and charged him with cocaine possession and resisting arrest with violence yesterday (Thursday, 18October2007).

williecooper.jpg(Hi everyone! I’m Willie Cooper!)

Willie was initially stopped for driving with no brake lights and disregarding a stop sign. Police approached the driver and Cooper “allegedly” reached into the passenger seat toward a knife and narcotics contraband. After a brief but violent struggle, poor ol’ Willie was placed under arrest and charged.

Upon searching “Willies Rock-Mobeel” a crack pipe was also found. It was described by officers as “warm to the touch with smoke emanating from the pipe.” *Warning! Shocker Coming!* It tested positive for cocaine.

At the time of his apprehension, Cooper was wearing his full Border Patrol uniform (that had to make the agency proud, eh?); although, he was off-duty.


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