Question #1: What is the least developed country in the Western hemisphere?

Question #2: What is the only predominately BLACK country in the Western hemisphere?


Answer #1 and #2: Haiti


I think not.


6 responses to “Question #1: What is the least developed country in the Western hemisphere?

  1. This is based on what statistical evidence? When you find it, can you post it so I can read it also? Thanks.

  2. Okay, Nene.
    The U.N. says that Haiti is the only LDC in the Western Hemisphere (go about halfway down the page on the following link).

    The U.S. State Dept. says “Haiti remains the least-developed country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world.” (follow the link and look in the “Economy” section).

    Of course that may just be the rabid rantings of a racist regime, eh?

  3. been there and it is bad. will not go back.

  4. What about the Dominican Republic? Or Antigua and Barbuda? Trinidad and Tobago? There are more, but these are just off the top of my head. They are all predominately black AND in the western hemisphere.

  5. Nowhere did you mention that the original inhabitants of Haiti were not Africans and that the Haitians are descendants of slaves who were the among first in the “New World” to lead a successful revolt against their slavemasters. Nor did you mention that because of that Haiti has been the orphan child of this part of the world for decades! Nor did you talk about the ramifications of the upheaval that comes along with people being stolen and then settled in a strange land, who then have to forge together various cultures and worldviews to create a nation. In this respect, Haiti has done damn well!

    You seem to be the product of a one-sided education system, as are most of your counterparts in modern media and the so-called educated people (White and Black and in between) in this country. Please get off of you high horse and read more. I guess the old stereotype that if you want to hide something put it in a book does not only apply to Black people, but also miseducated xenophobes like yourself…grow up!

    And yes, I am very late…

  6. Why are you too stupid to spell “predominantly?” Is it due to retardation? Just wondering.

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