ICC to charge African slaver/cannibal

In yet another example of the brutality and animalistic behavior that seems to be ingrained into Africans, allegations of sexual-slavery and cannibalism have been made against Germain Katanga, aka ‘Simba’ the former leader of FRPI in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is supposed to be facing three charges of crimes against humanity and six war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

An al Jazeera story reports,

Women and girls were raped and forced into sexual slavery while child fighters forcibly enlisted from the looted village, according to evidence presented to the court.

Witnesses have accused ethnic Lendu fighters in Katanga’s militia of eating the still-warm hearts and livers of those killed.”

Of course I revel in seeing these types strung up, but it really won’t make a difference in the lives of Congolese people. Give the country a couple of years and they will have someone just as bad or worse doing the same thing again.

C’est la vie en afrique.


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