$1 Million Bail is “Racist” for Black Rapist of White 16-year-old

This fucking ghetto trash “Nicholas Queen” and his spic accomplice “Fidel Melo” raped a 16-year-old white girl in Carroll County, MD on 15 July 2007 and now the child molesters mother is crying racism because his bail was set at $1 million.

Then the same day that the judge denied a  motion by Queens attorneys, Bradley Bauhof and Jill Swerdlin, to have the bail reduced, guess what happens? Prosecutors charged Queen with another child-rape, this time of a 15-year-old Taneytown girl and said that it occurred on 11 July 2007, four days earlier than the other rape.

The Advocate of Westminster and Finksburg indicates that Queen and Melo face charges of second-degree rape, second-degree assault, a third-degree sex offense and conspiracy to commit a second-degree rape in the first incident. What kind of bull shit is that!? Shouldn’t they be receiving stronger charges due simply to the age (15) of the girl? Melo and Queen already face charges including first-degree rape, second-degree rape and first-degree sex offense in the rape of the 16-year-old on July 15.

wjz.com reports that Nicholas Queen and Fidel Melo smoked marijuana with the 16-year-old child victim at the party before brutally raping and assaulting her. So why the fuck are they not also being brought up charges for drugs and contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

Of course the NAACP was called in to wave their arms around with threats, allegations, and insults. Phyllis Hammond, a former Carroll County NAACP president, said racism has infected the county’s judicial system for years.:

“I definitely think that the state’s attorney, the judges and even the officers, I think they have had unfair practices,” Hammond said. “It’s blatant racism there.”

The examiner.com seems to indicate that her son, Jason Butler, is serving a 10-year sentence at Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown for multiple-misdemeanor thefts, which supported a drug addiction. I wonder if he is really another innocent little saint being oppressed by big bad whitey?

I think the next thing the court needs to do is arrest the parents of the two rape victims for allowing their daughters to be in an unsupervised situation with black males. The information showing the inherent danger to white girls by black males is too easy to find. (see this post) If white parents care about their daughters safety, they need to keep them away from the sexual predator called the “black male”. This animal is as dangerous to their daughter as anything you will ever see in National Geographic.

Here are some news links:

Critics decry rape suspect’s $1M bail

Advocate of Westminster and Finksburg-Wednesday – 12 September 2007 – pg. 8 – col. 4

Carroll County Men Charged With Raping Girl


10 responses to “$1 Million Bail is “Racist” for Black Rapist of White 16-year-old

  1. I think it is sick a black person does a crime they cry racism this guy needs to pay for his crime not because his color but messing up a young girls life

  2. Don’t you hate that so many white women are dating and having sex with black men today?

  3. In US:
    white on black rape – 43 cases per year.
    black on white rape – loading…

  4. fuck all ya niggaz who writing stupid shyt under this i slap the shyt out of all ya stupid white people…you fucking lil dick bastards….talk shyt to me im not in jail i can goo over to ya lil white town and burn ya houses down…bunch of lil bitch ass niggaz

  5. killa a cracka

    man fuck yall white ass faggots BLACKPOWER

  6. The internet is an incredible place! I can’t believe that this is a real website and not a spoof or satire of something all too real in this country.

    The idea that the race of the victim or suspect have anything to do with anyone keeping their daughters out of threatening situations that are unfit for minors, like sitting up smoking weed with grown ass men. However that does not excuse the fact that a girl’s life was forever altered, damaged. But 1 million dollar bail? There are criminals that have done more, like commiting mulitiple murders and rapes that get bails less than that. It is very likely that the suspects race had soemthing to do with that.

    And nowhere in this rant is the age of the suspects mentioned…which would also matter (as far as the bail; rape is always horrible no matter the age, but if the suspect is closer in age to the victim…u get the point).

    Bottom line: this case is a tragedy, but I am still appalled by the racism displayed in this rant (I will not call this “article”/”blog” anything else). Just goes to show that we do need groups to watch you racist bastards…we need someone to say wait a minute, you have gone too damn far…you just proved the counterpoint! If I ever doubted the neccessity of groups like the NAACP or of people like Al Shapton (who tends to ge ton my nerves too), YOU showed me that I should be thankful for them!

  7. wjz.com reports that Nicholas Queen and Fidel Melo smoked marijuana with the 16-year-old child victim at the party before brutally raping and assaulting her.

    She was most likey going to fuck them anyway. Funny how we white girls say we want to fuck someone and then do and then cry rape when they can’t fuck for their lives.

    Btw i was glady fucking a 27 and a 29 yr old black men when i was 14 how do you like that the idea of me 14 yr old white pussy and ass being rammed fill of big black dick?

  8. Funny how all the links to the story have expired. The Liberal Media again…

  9. nigger hater

    Ok let me start by saying i am sick of these fucking ape looking shit throwing car stealing bank robbing gun shooting drug dealing white girl raping niggers all they wanna do is take everything nigger von martin was killed because he was a thug and george zimmerman did us all a favor and we need people like him so these fucking coons learn there place they are all lazy fucking pieces of shit with no dads and i am sick of them raping our sexy tight nice ass white woman how would they like it if we got there black sister put 30a white cocks her her holes and filled her with white racist cum and the beat her

  10. Just to let yall know, the 15 year old girl was black…so think again. you’re all concerned about color rather than the morals of the situation…so sad. The ppl that did the raping were all over age, one being 19 onebeing 21 and one being 24…so like i said think again.

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