Is Africa competent to self-rule?

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe Africans should be allowed to self-govern. The leaders they choose (and the leaders who choose themselves) make a shit-hole out of every corrupt venture they put their filthy paws into. And when the 1% who are not corrupt (or warlords, or fucking psychos) tries to do something benevolent, it turns out even worse.

The natural resources of Africa are mind-boggling in both variety and quantity, but (in the few places where they are exploited) they are almost solely used to fund despots, wars and warlords.
Their arable soil is among the most fertile on the planet, but their childrens bellies are swollen from starvation.

Billions of dollars in gifts and grants are showered upon them every year; it’s wasted through inefficiency or pocketed by corrupt officials.
Factories and pipelines built by foreign investors offer jobs and infrastructure; they are burned or bombed by local separatist militias or religious fanatics. 

Ugandans slaughtering Indians. Hutus butchering Tutus. Muslim, Christian, and Animist carnage visited upon each other on a daily basis.

Muslim leaders forbidding Polio vaccines (because that’s how the West makes them impotent), Christian leaders speaking out against condoms and HIV retrovirals (because European countries have tainted them with AIDS).

I have always thought that I was against colonialism. I always believed that a people had an inherent right to self-rule.
As of late, Africa (and a few countries outside of Africa) has forced me to re-evaluate my position.

Cradle of Humanity? Not by my definition of the word.
Horror Show? Yeah. I can buy into that description.

I think it’s just about time for a new round of campaigns of African conquest.
We owe them that much.


One response to “Is Africa competent to self-rule?

  1. And who funds these “warloads” and so on? The WTO and good ole’ American corporations. FYI, The African conquest began at the start of the slave trade.
    Please site the sources that show where these countries have received “billions of dollars in gifts and grants” that has not come in the form of pharmaceutical companies using African people as crash-test dummies in research and development of new drugs.
    And as far as tribal/religious violence in Africa, America has to wipe the snot off it’s own face (Hiroshima, Vietnam, Operation Iraqi Freedom, etc.) before anyone American can condemn. …unless, you are volunteering to go help fix it.

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